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Real Name
Alade Yusuf
Name:Adedeji Alade Yusuf Stage name:Nyc1 Golden He has hit street with songs like Street Tonic, Be My Date , Rapper Ranger , Come closer and Sexy lady. For Bookings Contact 08161587686
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Song Inspiration
Street Tonic is a Street jamz Dancehall by Nyc1 Golden produced by O crazy Beatz
Song Lyrics
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Street tonic just like the blood tonic
on: 2016-11-05
Pls nice1 guy keep d song rolling jooooo
on: 2016-11-05
Thanks so much @engineer Bamidele Am so grateful
on: 2016-11-05
Bro kip it up we dy feel u
on: 2016-11-05
on: 2016-11-05
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on: 2017-12-24
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